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About Us

iTi is an acronym for “identify target image,”  which describes the company’s core ability to identify high‐value  biomarkers of disease as well as companion targeting peptides capable of  delivery of therapeutic payloads and as imaging agents. An extensively  validated lead program centers on the protein target plectin, which is  up-regulated on the cell surface specifically in pancreatic cancer, as  well as in a growing list of malignancies. Pancreatic cancer is the  fourth-deadliest cancer with a prognosis (less than 6 percent, five-year  survival) that hasn’t changed in the last 40 years. Using proprietary  plectin-targeting agents, multiple product opportunities have emerged  addressing cancer diagnosis and therapy markets, both  possessing significant unmet medical need. The plectin product suite  includes an imaging agent PTP-01 (Phase 0 clinical trial) and a  promising therapeutic payload delivery system.